All the little things you say
Can change my mind in so many ways
Do you know what you do to me?
Do you know?

If you got everything you wanted
Would it be enough?
If I stepped over the line
And gave you more than everything
Would you take it and leave me behind

What I hold inside
Because of pride
Won't be cast aside so easily

If I let you see
Inside of me
Would I be admitting my defeat?

Simple things can brighten our lives
When they come as a surprise
You deserve the best in life
I'll try to stand by your side

Give me time to clear my mind
Of troubled thoughts and pain
Frustration takes its toll again
I'll try to leave it all behind

Behind my eyes
I'll realize
But convince myself of utter lies

And in the end
I'll be a friend
To forever trust and depend upon

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