Here we go now, just a little somethin'
To get your heart pumpin'
To get your blood flowin'
Out of your brain, are you insane/sane?

You played the game and I made you pay
The price to roll the dice
You can win or lose your mind
In the end you always waste your time
And you know you know you don't know why

You're a failure, you're a loser
Washout, blockhead, dimwit, fool
I always win, you always lose
And that's why I can say to you


I got ice cream, I got ice cream
I got ice cream and you don't
'Cause your daddy's on welfare


22 ways to break the chain, you lose your brain
You think you know the way -- no way
Who 'de bitch on 'de rampage?
All those men she left behind
Their bodies strewn about all broken hearted
And she's just gettin' started

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