Your Song

Here we are in a darkened room
I play this song just for you
Just a little tune to help you on your way
A little gift for you to celebrate the day

I'm far away, in another place
My mind is free, I see your face
I think about the past
And wonder how long can it last
Life before was such a bore
But now I know there's something more

So tell me you're forever
I know that you're the one
That keeps the sun shining on
So thank your friends and family
And all of those who care
In times of need they will be there
(they will be there)
If I were a rich man
I'd give you the world
If I were a strong man
I'd carry your hurt
But all that I can do
Is dedicate this song to you
I wish you well in all you do
May all your hopes and dreams come true

And in the sky, the planes will fly
So kiss your friends and foes goodbye
But in the end, the sun will shine
And we will build another life
(build another life)

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