Once upon, upon a time
I was yours and you were mine
But now all of that is gone

'Cause you went out to find yourself
And I waved and wished you well
But now I've found you all alone
(and I know)

Sometimes when you're all alone
You sit back, and you think
Of all the things you could've done
You could've done most anything

But here you are
And nothing's seemed to change
Everything's the way it was
Well everything's just the same

But don't look to me to stay
I'm just trying to find my way
I can't tell you what to do
Don't you know it's up to you

Sometimes your life can shine so bright
And sometimes it feels as dark as night
And you don't want to face the world

And sometimes I wish that I were you
And you wish that you were me
All those other people we'd like to be

So don't leave me here behind
'Cause this time I'm staying for the ride
Live for me, and I'll live for you
Together we can make it through
(and maybe we'll even come out a little better)

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