Shine Like the Sun

You make a choice from day to day
Searching for a better way
Or maybe just escaping for a while
You pay your dues
And deal with the necessities in life
As you wait for something better to arrive

Try to celebrate the moments
Though you've done it all before
Fill your social obligations to the world
With a blatant disregard
For the words between the lines
But can you find the balance in your life?

As you try to toe the line
Between the darkness and the daylight
Your future perfect seems so far away
You languish in obscurity
Weakened by the weight of their words

But I want to place you
In the center like the sun
As the world unfolds before your eyes
And I want to take you
Where the sun will shine
All day and night

Your day will come
When you will shine like the sun
And everyone will see
Your beauty shine across the sky
So please shine like the sun
And don't let anyone
Cover up the light
That shines down on me
The little things you do
To try to get a little closer
Just a little bit closer every day
Scoffing at the masses
Can't they see who you could be
Someday they'll see the error in their ways

Still time passes slowly
When you're waiting for your life
To bring you news of something
Just around the bend
And suddenly it's there
I look for you, and you're everywhere
You feel the excitement in the air
And now the adventure begins

I see you shine like the sun
Now everyone can see
Your beauty shine across the sky
Shine like the sun
Just let your sunlight shine down on me
(shine just like the sunlight
shining over me, the sun is shining)

So now the day has come and gone
It didn't seem to last as long
As all the nights you waited for the day
Now all the stars have faded
Your life is but a blur
And the gold has lost its glitter anyway

But somewhere in the shadows
That you left behind
I'll take you in my arms
And lift you one more time
And together we will find
Another way, another time
And in my mind you'll always be a star
The brightest star in the sky

Forever shine like the sun
And everyone did see
Your beauty shine across the sky
Shine like the sun
Just let your sunlight shine down on me

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