Land of Love

In a land of love
I know there wouldn't be this kind of hurting
There would be no war
No battles fought without a cause for hate
And the sun would shine
Shine every day and there's no way that
We would ever be sad
In this land of love I wish we had today

And in our minds
And in our hearts peace flows just like a river
Through valleys to the sea
As rivers we would melt in harmony
No more battles, no more strife
No more dwelling on this troubled life
The future's looking bright
And someday we will be in a land of love

So now it's time
To face the truth and deal with what we've been dealt
Standing side by side
With nowhere left to run and nowhere to hide
The walls are closing in
We cling to one another in desperation
Light shines from afar
It calls to us but it's so far out of reach

No more fighting
Over what we have and what we cannot get
So don't forget your dreams
Open up your mind
And free your body, take my hand we'll go
To the land of love

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