All Alone

On a freight train to nowhere
You're just another lonely boy
Out to live a life without the rest of the world
Lonely days and sleepless nights
No rejoice in morning light

Try to be different as you travel the land
Your feet keep on moving but your head's in the sand
Sometimes you wish they would all go away
Then life could be easy and free

But look out into the streets, they're there
You wish the world was bare of those people
Who ruin your life, but still you need them
(still you need them)

Just another lonely boy out to prove himself
Out to destroy the world, but no one cares
What kind of world is this we live in?
Always taking, never giving
Maybe someday the earth will die
And no one in the universe will cry

Some think that they are the master race
Others think they were born to rule
But in the end, the truth will show
We're all alone in this world

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